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Branded for life

Aanandika Sood
What are winners made of, what is the secret of their success and what sets them apart? We spoke to a few of those who had made it to the IIMs and to our surprise, they were very much human, like us but their determination, realisation of their own potential, their hard work and their faith in their abilities were what made them stand out.Kenny Heish who got a call from all six IIMs says, “I had this somewhere at the back of my mind but I got serious about it only a couple of years back.” Others also pitch in. Says Shipra who is doing engineering in Telecommunication and IT from UIET, “I always wanted to take up a managerial job. For me the biggest inspiration was that I did not want to end up as a programmer.” Kiranjyot, who is pursuing engineering in Electronics and Communication, had also known her mind forever. She says, “Look at the current market scenario. If I am able to combine my technological know-how with an MBA, it is a lethal combination.”Yagneshwar NV from PEC adds, “I was interested in management. My friends were preparing and they also motivated me, rest all was my hard work and dedication.” Namit Goel attributes his success to the inspiration and legacy from his seniors at the college, “At PEC there is right atmosphere that helps you in concentrating single-mindedly on your chosen goal.” Akash Singla says he was not very sure after the written exam but was pretty confident after the interview. Hridesh Madan of Bull’s Eye, where Akash went for coaching, remembers the absolute dazed look on the boy’s face when he came to tell him about his selection.So do those who guide and coach batches and batches of aspirants every year, recognise the winners at sight? Madan says, “ On an average we have 30 students in a batch. After conducting a few mock tests, we get a very clear picture of those who are going to make it through.” Regional Manger, IMS, Sanmeet Sandhu says, “ We counsel the children, interact with them frequently and the confidence level that a student projects is a sure indicator of his success rate.”Says psychologist Ashupriya Arya, “Of course you can spot a winner from far away. His entire demeanor, the way s/he conducts herself/himself, the confidence that s/he exudes all represent the winning streak.” Kunal Jindal, from PEC says he realised his potential to manage people and take initiative when he started to indulge in lot of extra-curricular activities in college.” Ashupriya says, “Parent should encourage their children to go beyond books to realise their qualities. Had Kunal’s parent told him not to participate openly, he would not have realised his talent for taking charge.”


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