Book Review: I Am Thunder and I won't Keep Quiet by Muhammad Khan

*I Am Thunder and I Won't Keep Quiet* by Muhammad Khan is a book that has brought to the table a few things we need to acknowledge outrightly. More so in the times we live. This #book speaks of the other (for dearth of a more appropriate word) Muslims who are regular people, living mundane lives, trying to be good students, neighbours, employees, friends, thr Muslims we barrly ever see on TVs or about whom we never hear on the news. These are the unfortunate people who bear the brunt of the actions of some from their own relegion who have chosen to interpret and spread the word of the Prophet for their own petty gains. I Am Thunder speaks of Muslim boys and girls who are culled out of the masses and brainwashed slowly and steadily to understand that the world is out there to get them because of their relegion. .
I Am Thunder is the story of Muzna Saleem a British born Pakistani Muslim girl who is trying to get through life as would any child standing at the threshold of adolescence. There are body issues, friendships, school grades and parental pressure to deal with. A sweet natured, though timid girl Muzna aspires to be a writer so that she can bring good name to her people because of her writings. .
The book tells the story of a young girl being preyed upon by people who are looking for fuel to feed a fire that simply warms their pocket while it burns and destroys countries and people.  The book also shows us what being a true Muslim is and how Islam is a relegion that is more of a guiding light rather than a rigid book telling people to lead their life a certain way.
Muzna's story is the story of youngsters who get swept off their feet in the name of righteousness and lose sight of good and bad; of right and wrong.
I highly recommend this book to one and all because this is a voice- Muslim young girl, that needs to be heard abd her perspective- how misdeeds of some others hurt the masses among which are their own. Thanks to the publishers for the #reviewcopy.
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