Exasperated mothers
Trying mothers

Mothers who have too much on their mind.
Mothers who think cake counts as a meal.
Mothers who worry too much.
Mothers who fly away so that their kids might follow.
Mothers who stay put so that that their kids might get a solid platform.
Mothers who love without being ever seen or heard.
Mothers who let their children know they are there and theirs.
Mothers who feed. Mothers who eat. Mothers who bleed. Mothers who get readily cut up.
Mothers who become fathers, storytellers, advisors and sounding boards.
Mothers who never get asked for their preferences or opinions.
Mothers who are teachers. Mothers who are learners.
Mothers who mother and mothers who smother.

Tired mothers. Fresh as  a daisy mothers
Yummy mummies, sporty mummies
Mummies with tummies
Tummy filling mummies

every girl who becomes a mother lives life on the edge of a sword
always on the verge of forgetting who she is and yet not having that luxury of forgetting because then what will she pass on