"The Straight Hair Experiment"

The gravitational pull has been known to put many things into an aligned perspective. Remember the fame it brought to Newton? Similarly to straighten hair I would use the same- yes you guessed it right the magical pull, the GRAVITATIONAL PULL.

The first step is to apply the right amount of weight to your hair to align them. In case of wavy hair, you can use coins to straighten them first. Using Rs 5 coins is highly recommended as the weight of this denomination has been found to be ample for slightly wavy hair.

In case of more problematic hair aka dense curls, you will need to take help from a brother or a boyfriend keen on body building. Raid their body building equipment for dumbbells. The principle 'the weightier the better it is'can be applied while choosing the right degree of weight for your curliness.

Moving on to the next step. After you have applied the appropriate weight to your curls/ waves, you have to lie down on a bed and let down your hair from the edge of the bed. Now it is important to ensure that this  position remains undisturbed. You will also need to maintain the position for as long duration of time as is possible to achieve the desired results. SO this way you can achieve two things at once; you get your stright hair and while you are at it, you manage to get your beauty sleep.



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