I was so busy

That I forgot to look at you
And appreciate the strength your muscles have acquired

I forgot to smile at you
And extend to you the warmth that my heart feels for you

I forgot to reach out to plant kisses on the scrapped knee
And let you know that I am around

I forgot to hold you tight before you left home
And convey that I will be waiting for you to come back

To see that you were waiting for me to get on with myself
So that I could come back to you

I was so busy
But now I wonder what else I might have missed
While I was too busy
Did I sign the notes that your teachers sent?
Did I get a hug for baking a cake for you?
Did I read stories to you and sing songs?
Did I win you friends with craft-work?
Did I take you for the walks?

I now wonder what do I have to show for all that time that I spent being busy
I dread if you ever ask me to show something for being busy always
I wouldn’t have anything
Because I was so busy
Doing nothing