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The story of the seven 'surs'

I am always in awe of any kind of music that I hear. To me music remains the magic paintbrush with which the child painted what he wished for.

I have grown up listening to film music and very old English numbers which when I go to hunt online I don't find. I can't lay any sort of claim to classical music or instrumental music of great repute but I like to think that I do have discerning ear.

But the post isn't about my musical ability or inclination. It is about what I felt today as I listened to some song being played on the TV as I was busy pushing some khichdi down my son's throat.

I don't now remember whether it was a nice song or something terrible but I do remember feeling goosebumps.

I realized that the seven notes were all that it took to create an array of emotions. Joy, love, horror, terror, fun, funny, childish, serious, beautiful, awful, fast paced, slow and delicious, and much much more.

I also realised that the world over people have used these seven notes in so many combinations already to produce music and will keep on doing  so. There is seemingly no end to what can be accomplished by just these seven notes.

This further made me ponder and realise that maybe this is a sign to us that we don't need much to create abundance. We don't need many to feel fulfilled or successful or whatever is the new thing that is making the world go round these days.

The thought filled me with great peace and so much enthusiasm and wonder that I am writing it down on a blog that I have rarely visited in years.

If the magnificent seven are sufficient I am sure we can also find enough within.


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