Thursday, February 14, 2013

The school question

I am back at it. Though on second thoughts I haven't really had to do it uptil now. She would go to the best montessori right across my office was decided the day I started work with the Chandigarh Administration. When the husband got transferred to Kolkata he found a school for her that was willing to take her and was closer to a residential complex that met our 'must-have' list

After a year that she has been going to this school, I am looking at others for Netra and I have no qualms at accepting that I am lost. So I am taking my father's advice and putting down things on paper. (I realise that there is an e in paper here)

To apprise you of the situation. Netra is 5 years old (OMG I have been a mommy for this long...hmm no option but to grow up now). She currently goes to a school where there are 60 children in her section. (I sent chocolates for her birthday). To top it all there is only 1 teacher for those 60 princesses.

Now on to why I am all worked up about the school. Seriously, do you even need to ask. 60 kids to 1 teacher is criminal on all accounts.

There are kids who learn to jostle and make a space for themselves; there are kids who outshine everyone else thanks to their genetic make-up and then there are kids who need a push or a prod at times. All the kids falling in the first two categories will do well in the class of 60 but those who need a push or who can not jostle or push will need assistance.

**  What would I want my child to gain from the school where she will gradually come to spend the large part of her day? 

  • My child probably falls in the third category. So I need a school that has a lesser teacher to student ratio so that she gets more individual attention from the teacher. 

  • I would like it even better that the teacher who takes up my child is not a disgruntled soul. For example: I wanted to be a doctor but I could not get admission in anything else but a BEd course and I hate these puny little things because I wanted to heal the world and make it a better place.

  • I would like her to go to a school where they do more than studying. I would like her to learn and imbibe various other qualities missing mostly in the younger generation I have been confronted with (during my work years) namely, hard work, humour, compassion and integrity.

  • I would like her to learn and know herself first and then hold her ground. I would not like her to sway like her tiny form when the wind blows a little harder.
  • I would like the school to offer her an opportunity to dabble in many things so that she gets a fair chance to find what she likes to do
The big debate is whether such a school, if exists, should be chosen or should instead a renowned institution be selected which offers:
  1. Branding
  2. Improved student-teacher ratio
  3. Discipline 
  4. Overall grooming
What to do looms large? I am praying for the divine light to shine upon me. Divine intervention would be even better.

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