Friday, September 21, 2012

Colour Purple

Dear Netra

You are about to turn 5 and I have started to plan a party for your birthday. The first one probably in the actual meaning of the word. We will have a theme- purple- the colour you are obsessed with. Asked anytime about anything that you would like to have on any occasion, you dole out a list and then add “in puddple”. It doesn’t matter to you that Disney intended Cinderella to wear a pink gown, you want her on your cake in, yes, puddple. You even have the birthday song ready for the theme- Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Netra Sood, Purple Flower. May God Bless you, purple flower Netra Sood.

I once asked you what you wanted to become when you grew up and your answer was a purple butterfly.

Both your father and I have asked you many times the reason behind this fondness for colour puddple and in your reply you have pointed out the simple fact of life, which I have just gripped. To answer our question, you always say- because I like it. There are no further explanations. This is supposed to end the matter. You get busy in other things.

No further debates. No degrading other colours. No praising this one to the heights of heaven. A simple thing, put simply- because i like it.

I am wondering now whether anything else is even required.

I hope that you are able to remember this little lesson and use it in your life as well. As you grow up there will be many things that you will get a chance at. You will learn new words with complex meanings- happy, sad, love, hate etc. But I hope that you are able to carry the ‘like’ with the same panache that you have now for the word. I hope you do many, many things that you like. I hope that you learn to recognise your ‘likes’ by tuning in to yourself. I hope you have many conversations with yourself and let those guide you towards your likes. I hope you learn to listen to your voice, your gut, your instinct. I can tell you for a fact that your likes will always bring you happiness.

Love Mummy (who hasn't deciphered either what colour she likes or what does she want to become when and if she grows up!)

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ankita said...

Me likes puddple tooo!!! my entire wardrobe is filled with puddple right now for the same simple reason that me likes it! :) she's a smart kid diddu, i dont think you guys have to worry about her at all :)