Friday, August 31, 2012

So that I may not forget again

That I am a happy person with a cheerful indisposition

That listening to music always uplifts my spirit

That sky gazing and deciphering the shapes of clouds is a favourite activity

That I love waking up early and enjoy the company of solitude and the house

That I consider kindness as the biggest quality and honesty follows soon after

That writing is fulfilling

That reading is essential to being

That I can cry at the mere mention of certain things but that is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about

That I believe in life, resilience, hard work and laughter. ah! also hugs.

That I may need to have some more self confidence in my abilities from time to time but I often know better than what I give myself credit for

That I believe that no relationship is a waste of time and utna hi upkaar samajh, koi jitna saath nibha de

That going the extra mile is fun because it is not crowded and you get some time to be on your own

That I believe in holding my head and standards high

That I believe in the power of prayer

That I also believe that if God brings you to it, He will also bring you through it.

That Samay se pehle aur kismet se zyada kisi ko nahi mila hai

That people either inspire you or drain you. Once you recognise who is doing what, act quickly.

That taking a deep breath is an instant remedy to anger

That moving your butt helps in getting distracted and distraction often helps you embark on to better things than sulking

That my daughter will always carry a part of me and it is up to me to lend her the best there is in me

That I am a decent cook.

That I am blessed to have the time and resources to do what I want.

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