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Bloated not so new me

I have piled on more kgs then I should have and to get rid of them is beginning to get a daunting task. Oh well it hasn't begun at all. I know that I should start and step up my exercise regime but I dnt seem to get started. Everyday and I mean everyday I intend my self to get up in the morning and start something- skipping rope, going for a walk, play bedminton but I fail. Hopelessly.

My knees have begun to hurt. My chest gets knotty when I have walked a few steps fast. Breathing becomes laboured. I have no stamina left. Have totally let go of self-restraint and control (freedom can be dangerous).

I miss my mother's constant nagging about my weight. At least that kept me on my toes. I read every article on weight-loss and even put many tips to use.

Today, sadly, I have no one to blame for my big paunch and a heavy bum but my habit of munching. In recent past I have thrown caution to wind when it comes to fatty, fried or sweet. In an attempt to counter my calorie intake I had tried to develop a habit for sugar-free tea but that also remains restricted till the office. My poor mathematics can also be blamed for being unable to keep a track or clue abt my intake and its value in kilojoules and then grams

There is no physical activity happening during my entire day. My failed plans include:
To utilise my lunch break and go to the garden next to my office for walks

To re-start my morning game of bediminton, but can't get myself out of the bed at 6 am

I think I need serious help here. But that would also take effort! Now who would get up and make that one?
To go for a walk after I return from work


Goofy said…
bedminton - ya sure it is bed-in-the -mean-time for you!

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