Monday, July 20, 2009

thank you list

there are many waays to kneel and kiss the ground.

i have been often told that there is so much in my life for which i should be greatful to god so i thought that today i will kneel.
1. for being born in palampur and enjoying peace, love and nature that are inherent to the surroundings of my city beautiful

2. for meeji. she is the most benevolent, caring, not-so-gentle, loving, accomplished and prettiest grandmother that ever lived on this planet

3. for my pest sister who is a shoulder i have leaned and cried on, my sounding board, and all the things that sisters are meant for

4. for all those who have taught me to read and write- teachers, parents and relatives. i would not have known the joy that comes to me while i do these things had it not for them

5.for my lovely hair- straight and black

6. for my sense of humour

7. for different people who came in my life when i needed guidance and love

8. for my well functioning body parts that have served me well for these 28 yeras

9. for keeping me out of trouble. i could have been in deep shit so many times and i think it has just been pure grace that my life isn't the monsterous reality had i stuck in the jam

10. for the time i spent in dilli and the people i met and befriended

11. for my smile- i like my smile too much.

12. for chunna

13. for hte choices that i have been free to make.

14. for the food. i love my plate

15. for others in the world who have set examples for some other others

1 comment:

sengemo said...

i love it when you say i love my hair and smile :) you vain woman!!!