Thursday, March 22, 2007

Us Women

My maid was regaling me with one of her fights with her husbands. This one less violent than the others in terms of the topic. She had packed potatoes for a meal for him. She had forgotten to serrve him some sort of curry or dal. The man cribbed that when she was fasting she treated the rest of the family with contempt.

And so we launched a lengthy discussion on how careless we women are with ourselves rather than treat our men and families with contempt. While fixing a meal if anything, say for eg dough, finishes we don't tell our men/families to eat a chapati or two less to save for ourselves rather make do with bread or left-over rice.

Tell a pregnant woman that she should include iron in her diet for the benefit of her to-be-born child and she won't ever forget to eat that. But tell it to her otherwise or say that it would do your body a great deal of good, she will come up with superb excuses tro have forgotten.

Are we women plain, simple stupid?

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