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The importance of getting a decent education had dawned on me not very early in life. I should not be saying this because I do not consider myself any different or special or blessed in a special way from the rest of the human species. That one notion broke long time back when someone explained the concept of deja vu to me, else I would have gone on to believe in my special powers. Well too many Naagraj and Pahntom contributed to the notion.

Getting back to education, ah, I realised the importance of being educated when I stepped out of my hometown into the big world of larger cities; where there were people whom I did not know. The only thing that I ever knew since I embarked upon mission 'live life' was that I wanted to be heard. I wanted my opinion to be known. I realised that nobody would hear me if I did not learn the language of the big world. The journey was of course eventful. I educated myself. I taught myself to speak smart and work smart (or so I thought until I embarked upon Quest).

I have often read educated people, especially women, see education as liberator. I differ slightly I not only see education as a liberator but also I see it as the only tool of expression. Tell me what good is an MF Husain or Skakespeare if you can't understand their language. Education, as I see it, is not about books. They are important, honestly.

But what is more important is the fact that you choose the field you would like to study. For my maid, whom I was trying to teach to write her name in Devnagri script, it was important for opening a bank account so that she could safeguard her money. To me it is important so that I can detach myself and loosen up. Education is important and there should not be any debate about it. Going to schools and colleges is important or rather more important is paying attention to what thy teacher is talking about.


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I had been trying to bring changes for a sustainable living for a while now and using reusable cotton pads for Aunt Flo's monthly visits was an idea that appealed massively to my senses. After searching here and there I found a Kolkata based manufacturer- Shomota- who were also involving women from underprivileged background in manufacturing these pads as well as sharing the profit from sales to make these pads available to girls and women in interiors of West Bengal. BONUS point- I have also come to realise that sustainability is more efficient and worthwhile if you choose local. Also the fact that we are dumping non biodegradable waste on the planet and that is equal to some sort of violence in my head and I have been brought up on the beliefs laid by the Arya Samaj movement, I needed a better option than the mass marketed sanitary pads. I looked and examined a few option that I realised were available to me before making up my mind on the reusable cloth pad.

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