Friday, May 11, 2018

Book Review: Glitter and Gloss by Vibha Batra

Glitter and Gloss by Vibha Batra is funny, warm and endearing. Misha is a make up artist (whattay refreshing choice of a career for our heroine!)who is witty, hard-working and suffers (literally and figuratively both) from a huge mothering instinct.

This very instinct is the cause that she ends up falling for Akshay Aggarwal a dishy, heir of a Marwari business family. Now please focus on the word Marwari. These families are largely rich, make that stinking rich- he sends her a Cavalli gown when she complains she has nothing to wear for an after work party- annnnd more importantly if you want to be expected into the fold then you need you to impress the entire community. Here we have Akshay's overprotective didi who parades Misha to ensure that she gets approved by all the aunties of the Marwari smaraajya in Mumbai.

Misha's story is heartwarming because of the life that the author has managed to breathe into the character with her words. She is flawed yet endearing. Misha is extremely critical of herself and is carrying some extra  baggage from her childhood. These two facts are enough to make Misha relatable to any girl anywhere but Batra takes it a notch higher by giving us a heroine who really wants to do everything to make her relationship with the guy's family work. Don't we want to be accepted everywhere or haven't we all done something for others just for the sake of a certain relationship?

Unfortunately this also becomes her undoing. Misha and Akshay go their seperate way. To know why that happens and what thereafter, I suggest you pick up Glitter and Gloss. The book will keep you either laughing out loud or smiling gently as you take a peek into the life of this make up artist.

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