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My elixir- A haircut

Do you believe in supreme powers? Powers that govern us and all that happens around us? Do you believe that there is something that has the power to lift your spirits, make your hear soar and colour your day bright?

If you do then we are on the same page. Let me tell you about something that makes me feel like a wonder woman, something that uplifts my mood as much grouchy as I might be feeling before that,  colours my day bright, makes my heart soar. You get the drift? Oh, chop chop then. Remember to be patient with me.

Just yesterday my friend Ankita came over to borrow Netra's books for her son who is a year younger than Netra. Unfortunately for Ankita, she birthed another son a year and half ago. (Why unfortunate, you ask? Try staying in a room alone with one male toddler for more than 20 minutes and you will get your answer. She has two in her kitty.)

So Ankita, the mother of two young boys, came and sat down. Then she heaved a sigh. This was a huge, big, I-am-soooo-relieved wala sigh. A big deep breath. She had stepped out of her house in decent clothes, a bit of lipstick and combed hair after about a few months she told me. As she did this, she let her hair loose and that was when I noticed a red bunch falling down like a waterfall right from the centre of scalp. I thought to myself, "Ankita has gone rogue". After the compliments were out of the way she told me more about the red streak.

It was the same story as of any other young mother with a school going child and another toddler in her arms. Ankita was frustrated with getting no time for herself and being surrounded in poop, khichdi, dalia and baby-everything that she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. So one fine evening handing the bubs to the MIL, she stepped out to buy some groceries, saw a parlour, went in for the basic threading and ended up with chopping and colouring her hair. "I felt so good soon after the first few locks fell off," she said smiling at me. Ankita has long tresses. HAD. Long tresses. Now she wears her hair in a bob. With a wide streak of red. How proud am I of my friend!

Yesterday we found another great connector that took our friendship a notch higher and firmer.


They are just great for your over all wellness.

I was introduced to the benefits of a good haircut by my colleague Tracy Shilshi, at ANI where we used to work for DD making programs based on Northeastern states. Tracy was presenter, so she had to be smarter and presentable but the good thing was she enjoyed being that and a good haircut every few months, she once confided in me, was her secret weapon.Not just to look great, she would say, but to feel better about almost everything in your life. Once she caught me in a foul mood. I had been bickering with a video editor at office. "Go get a haircut", she said to me.I did and was a convert.  (There was a saloon called Strawberry right next to the office at Golpark.)

As soon as the scissors got to their job I felt my worries melt. All the tensions, heartaches that I carried within me seemed to leave my body. When her job was done and the lady with that magical pair of scissors showed me a mirror, I was taken aback at the confident and younger looking girl that looked back at me.

A good hair cut has since then been my elixir. My power potion. It still helps me deal with pressures, tensions and heartaches. I come out of a salon feeling at the top of the world. Why, you ask. Because a haircut helps bring in a change in perception. It helps you to see yourself differently (Go beyond the obvious!). It helps you live those precious few minutes that life's other pressures might be keeping you from. You somehow regain your magical abilities to make thing better, After being touched by the magic of a haircut You are able to lend that touch of magic to everything and everyone around you.

And hence my friends Haircuts deserve a salute!

I leave you with a quote which does not say anything about the topic we are on, but does say better than me, something about the result of the haircut.

I've come to a frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element in the classroom. It's my personal approach that creates the climate. It's my daily mood that makes the weather. "


Anonymous said…
I am always amused by the way you make everything seem like a fantasy, I mean it's real obvious but personally I always manage to take some time out of the blue to read your stories. And it leaves me in awe and a gigantic smile in the end, I love you amu didi❤️
amu said…
Dear Eku

Thank you so much for your kind words. I do not understand why I don't see these far and few in between comments as soon as they are posted. I am so sorry about the late reply. I love you too since you were this teeny tiny person. I would love to meet up with you sometime. Good luck with everything you do.

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