Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A gratitude list

The new year is already 6 days old. I haven't made a list of resolutions or I haven't done anything else yet that would have set these other 5 gone by days from the rest of the years since maybe 2007 or 08.

The year that has gone by was spent waiting for the baby. In the meantime I came across gratitude as something of a magical force that could change lives. I was tagged in posts on FB to express gratitude, I got my sister to write a column in place and guess what was the chosen subject- gratitude and so on and so forth.

So because gratitude has been making an appearance over and over again I decided to make a list of things I am grateful for. Mind you, I am not an ungrateful person, but this is taking things a plane higher.

So without much ado, here are a few things for which I am immensely grateful.

1. I am grateful that little kids have a short memory span. In the last seven years that she has been around I too have had many a rough patches. I have often taken out my frustration, my anger and my desperation on the little one. I have said nasty things to her. Many nasty things. And the thing I dread the most is that she might remember everything and hate me all her life. But I find solace in the fact that I don't remember much of my own childhood which was definitely more exciting than my daughter's. So.

2. I am grateful that I live quite far from my parents and that they can't really see and know what a terrible mess I am. This is a do-dhaari talwaar actually. I think that if I lived close by they would have probably straightened me up .

3. I am also grateful that I don't live closer by to the family because everything about my family since my young cousin has gone has started to look and feel horribly wrong. I used to think we are very average and nothing exciting ever happens to the average people. No excitement and all that. But when this happened I was shaken. I wanted to be below average. I didn't want to be counted. I didn't want our family to be scarred, stamped or spoken of because something out of the ordinary had happened to us.

4. I am grateful for friends that I have made here. Lovely people who like taking care of each other, who listen to your groans and answer. People who love me for being my loony self. People who have tough lives but always make an effort for my sake, to meet me, call me and ask after me. And who have repeatedly hear my petty woes without interrupting.

5. I am grateful for the little baby boy. He has brought me a clearer understanding of the term 'bundle of joy'. He is all of three months right now but his chuckling is the music my life resonated with at the moment.

6. I am thankful for the husband who is the man he is. Little bit nutty, somewhat weird and mostly adorable

7. Similarly I am grateful for the sister who is as much a nut job as I am but is a class better. She is everything I would have wanted to be if I knew my own mind.

8. And I am grateful for this little beauty who pervades every aspect of my living. I am thankful that she is smart, intelligent and very perceptive. I could not have gotten beyond myself had it not been for this 7 year old motor-mouth.

9. I am grateful for good music, photography and inspiring words people write and post on social platforms. In a way I am thankful for Instagram who has seen me through lonely nightly feeds.

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