Thursday, February 20, 2014

The drawing lessons

Dear Netra

From time to time it seems that you do not like the drawing classes that I make you take once a week. Maybe now you do after doing them for some 4-5 months but I still have my doubts. First your grandfather and now your father have also pointed out to the same fact and like I said I also do realise that you do not like it much  but I think that your thing is against homework and thwarted freedom to draw as you like. So here are some of my reasons for making you stick with the drawing class:

1.       I believe that it will give you some sort of artistic sensibility of which I and your father are bereft. And I think it is important to have a leaning rather an understanding of things beyond the mere necessities of life to be able to enjoy all that God has blessed us in the form of nature and art.

2.      I insist on these lessons because I feel that having learnt to draw will someday give a mega boost to your morale, self confidence and faith.

3.       I think you have begun to enjoy it to a certain extent.

4.       I think you should devote yourself to something, any one thing and see it through how much painful it might become. Giving up is always easier. Continuing with something is difficult but a fun thing to do. And I know you are a fun loving girl.

5.       Now the most important reason- I believe that learning to draw also prepares you to observe and interpret which I hope will be important lessons that you learn while doing this.

LLove Maa

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