Monday, January 07, 2013


I am feeling inspired right now. Maybe it has to do with the fact that dinner or school are not on my mind. Anyway I have stolen an hour and besides many other things that I want to accomplish in this one hour, I also want to write down my goals for the year 2013. This is the first of its kind, me setting goals, so applause please. Without much ado here are goals  that I would like to achieve before the NYE.

1. Write: I had almost stopped writing. Writing for pleasure that is, so I am setting a goal of writing minimum of 500 words everyday. In addition to that I will look harder for opportunities for doing columns in newspapers, magazines, e-zines.

2. Read: As I summarised my year 2012, I realised that I had hardly read a thing. I won 5 books in various contests on twitter but I have not yet read them all. Also I have been at The Last Mughal for a very very long  time. I intend to finish it within this month. Also the fact that I want to make a place for myself as a story-teller I commit to reading more short stories, long stories, novels, novellas and authors and not just think about them. Hence I will also make a reading list and see what all I have crossed out before the year turns.

3. Blog: I am going to be more regular with the blog. I have neglected for too long and in that I have also neglected taking down notes on life, of life so instead of a scribble at twitter I will record my awesomeness alongside stories, observations and insights on the blog.

4. Fiction: By the grace of Almighty I will be a published author before the year ends. I am going to ensure that I have more than just that one book to my name and hence will read, write and record with a rekindled passion.

5. Walk: Walking has made a comeback and I will walk more. Walk. Walk. Walk.

6. Talk: I will make effort to seek people and hear their stories. I have met a few interesting people and would like to know them better so I commit to putting myself out there and making the effort to know them better and have conversations with them.

7. Listen:  I will listen to myself. I will not shut myself out or become hard to approach.

8. Travel: This one is more of a hope. I hope I get to travel a lot in this year and have new lessons to share and store.

9. Breathe: I have noticed that I often forget to breathe. I hold my breath for long without realising what I am doing. So I will re-learn to breathe as also try and take a deep breathe before losing my cool.

Have I forgotten something? What are your goals? Please share, I would love to listen.


Shagufta said...

Aandika ji I am great fan of ur writing and ideas , pls keep inspiriing us :D !

Anil Gupta said...

Dear Amu,
May Allmighty help you achieve all the goals you've set for yourself for 2013. With Best wishes and love.
P.S. I am eagerly looking forward to your first published work .

The Wildness said...


Reading department mein toh hum aapki madad kar sakte hain by telling/inspiring/instigating/pushing/threatning you with what I am currently reading/have read/have read a long time ago :) and comparing notes.
Walking department mein meri dili tammannah hai ki kuch hum bhi karein, but ji lazyness is wajah se kuch bhi nahi ho pata hai.
And writing ki toh baat hi na karein toh accha hai, depression sa ho jata hai.
par aap likhte rahiyega aur hum padhte rahenge.
lots of love