Monday, September 03, 2012

The Melbourne Dream

It's your time to visit Melbourne NOW
But let me tell you about the holiday I dreamt of and how

Deserve a holiday, yes I do.
Melbourne I am getting a call
Why else would I be dreaming of
Little penguins tapping their happy feet, after all?

If it ain't for the
Great Ocean Road that beckons
Why would I dream of clear water,
Nature's wonder the Twelve Apostles
And some heritage
All at once?

I am the one for some quiet time
But hey! I would not mind
Being on my feet, to taste, toast and soak the Fed square
May I also offer a tribute to the moving pictures in sight?

Oh! hark now
I hear the exhibition space calling to me
Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi here I come.

Get me a ticket, put me on the tram
Or a shuttle if you please
The city lanes call and I must obey
I have to see the architectural wonders on my way

Next fly me in a
big bright colourful balloon
as over the Murray, awaits another dream
Fly me high and higher still
so that I may learn to live enchanted and thrilled

The Sports Museum I have had but what is this that I now hear
A crowd asking for a six and then some more?
Sandhu,Ponting, Maxwell and Clarke
Wade and Pattison, I need to see
To pack along a bag of tricks

Before I head back home
On the wings of that dream
Send Bana to tell me a joke
Better still would be Kelly to strum
A melody and the memory
of all that is chic
in this metropolis
where every moment must be seized
And where its my time to visit NOW!


Amit Ganguly said...

Picturesque thoughts in Rhyming over here.Good post.
Best wishes.

Ajoop. S said...

Amazing poem! I wanna visit the penguins :)

amu said...

Thank you Amit and Ajoop. Good to know that you liked the rhyme and reason :)