Tuesday, December 21, 2010

creative thought

If you could host a dinner party and invite any four people, either living or dead, whom would you invite and what would the five of you discuss together? There is no right answer concerning the dinner guests; rather, we want you to be creative and thoughtful in your response. Space is limited to 4000 characters.

found this in my mail, my sis who has cleared GMAT and taken IELTS needs an answer to this question which has been asked by some varsity she is applying to. she had hired some agency, whom she refers to 'people' to write her applications. she (i presume)paid them a whooping amount and is broke now. i wonder who is going to buy her ticket to wherever she gets admission and who is going to pay for her fees, boarding and lodging.

i hate the idea of foreign lands so i am not an option that she probably has. my sisterly love also bars me from helping her fly far far away from where it won't be possible to see her without the aid of Internet or know that she is alright.

but knowing that i am a creative genius (a fool with my money) she mailed me the query. now the bubbly creative juices are all set to spill when i suddenly realise that this way too i will be helping her in her efforts of flying off. but what to do...she challanges me. the subject line of the mail read--- any creative thoughts on this??

i guess i will have to spill my creativity onto a new word file and email her the answer which will get her through to some stupid college which will teach her to become smarter than she already is.


Sengemo said...

I am curious to find out who you pick. But I think Subu should do it herself you know because it is going to reflect what she thinks. Think about it!

amu said...

yes tenz, she has been told that much and well as far as who would i invite goes. just uploaded it as an entry. hope you enjoy. though the thought process is quite muddled up