Monday, March 22, 2010

It's a daughter thing

An SMS in the morning tells me this week is being celebrated as Daughter Week. First of all the sweet message:

Daughters are the most precious of our treasures, the dearest possessions of our homes and the objects of our most watchful love.

Being a daughter did not really do a lot for my understanding as having one did. If Gods would not have had their way, I would have been blessed with two and would have been much better off.
Having a daughter is a grace. They fill your days with their warmth. They snuggle up to you even when you are not at your cuddly best and even the most loving husbands would not want to hug you. Just open your arms to the daughter and she will tumble in to them, if you are lucky enough you might even get a few wet and sloppy kisses. My daughter, when she is flooded with love for me, creeps from behind and puts her arms around my neck or my legs whatever is easily accessible to her and there is no other thing in the world to compare it with.
Being a daughter I have often sensed what my mother may not have spoken out. I want to give her the world. My mother, who is twice blessed as in having my sister and me, must have had tough times. In fact, she still has bad patches, ROUGH, if I may say. All our life we have blamed her for anything that has gone wrong in our lives. She has been giving it back to us in equal measures. We fight with her, we shop for her more than she shops for herself, we worry about her, and I am looking forward to Chunna’s growing up years with a lil bit of spice and much of sugar. I hope we have lots of fun and in the meantime help her be a nice person.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lets do more than a tweet

I was yesterday informed via an e-mail that tomorrow is the world house sparrow day. I was instantly reminded about the chirp chirp- a common melody of my childhood. I was also reminded of the fact that the chirp chirp has almost gone missing from the background of our days. Besides on twitter, I haven’t even sighted the small little bird in ages.
Then one incident of a few months back came to my mind. I am still trying to recollect but can’t figure out where was it that I saw the bird, but I do remember that the little bird had had a bath and was shaking off excess water. It was actually a picture perfect moment and somewhere else it would have made to nat geo or maybe animal planet.
We all know that the microwave pollution from mobile phone towers has been a reason behind the disappearance of the Gauraiya but not many know that glass and concrete buildings that have been coming up in the name of modernization have taken away from the bird its habitat.
World House Sparrow Day also celebrates the common biodiversity found in and around us and draws attention to its importance. So make 20 March 2010 a day to celebrate the common birds and biodiversity around you and raise a toast to the House Sparrow.
In an attempt to do something about the sparrow I have asked a reporter friend to do a story. Given him print outs on the bird, phone numbers of activists and even some one-liners. I hope some people through his article and some more through this write-up will begin to wonder and set out a sparrow feeder with grain and a bowl of water and maintain it beginning from tomorrow. Some intelligent being from some school/college ecology club will make presentations on why we need the House Sparrow, the dangers it is facing and how each of you can help. Put up feeders and nesting boxes. Twitter it, put it on fb or whatever you call my space.

The theme for WHSD 2010 is, We will save our House Sparrows. And by good lord Lets do it!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bloated not so new me

I have piled on more kgs then I should have and to get rid of them is beginning to get a daunting task. Oh well it hasn't begun at all. I know that I should start and step up my exercise regime but I dnt seem to get started. Everyday and I mean everyday I intend my self to get up in the morning and start something- skipping rope, going for a walk, play bedminton but I fail. Hopelessly.

My knees have begun to hurt. My chest gets knotty when I have walked a few steps fast. Breathing becomes laboured. I have no stamina left. Have totally let go of self-restraint and control (freedom can be dangerous).

I miss my mother's constant nagging about my weight. At least that kept me on my toes. I read every article on weight-loss and even put many tips to use.

Today, sadly, I have no one to blame for my big paunch and a heavy bum but my habit of munching. In recent past I have thrown caution to wind when it comes to fatty, fried or sweet. In an attempt to counter my calorie intake I had tried to develop a habit for sugar-free tea but that also remains restricted till the office. My poor mathematics can also be blamed for being unable to keep a track or clue abt my intake and its value in kilojoules and then grams

There is no physical activity happening during my entire day. My failed plans include:
To utilise my lunch break and go to the garden next to my office for walks

To re-start my morning game of bediminton, but can't get myself out of the bed at 6 am

I think I need serious help here. But that would also take effort! Now who would get up and make that one?
To go for a walk after I return from work