Tuesday, April 26, 2011

boom boom

scraed of the boom in my own voice. i hve become loud. i hardly speak. rather i think i am shouting all the time, even when i am holding a normal conversation. alearned man says that ths agitation is the sign of me being unhappy with my own self. i agree something is exasperating me. driving me up the wall. can't put my finger on to it.
but i thought i was at peace. a misgiving may be, now that i am showing signs of fraying at the edges.
missing gym might have contributed to it. but i know its not entirely this or that. it is a bit of all the this and that. but what to do?
some me-time should help. but i got lot of it this gone weekend owing to the fact that Friday was a holiday and S was saat samundar paar and dear darling daadi was available to look after chun.
what is it then, that would heal me? a sumptuous lunch may be?