Wednesday, February 24, 2010

to table the time

no new posts in the new year. so decided that i will write something. completed 28 years on planet earth and hope for some more. all that i have seen and heard has been pretty good. everyday some or the other thing makes me realise how blessed my life is and that i am lucky, very very lucky indeed.

life is getting tougher by the day and the way my parents have prepared me, the upbringing they have given me goes a substantial way in dealing with the challanges that i face.

on the work front i would rate my performance satisfactory. there are still many things that i wish i had been able to adopt or learn and ingrain in to myself. the most important being discipline. my mother has always been teeling me to make timetables and follow them. and i had till very late not seen trhe point in time-tables and following them.

being an aquarian, anything that happens to hint at binding me, scares me. and so so the timetables. but now i know that it is easier and in my own best interest to draw a time table nad follow it religiously.

i will make one and i know i will have to get out of my body to order my brain to jump in to action. when will that happen? now does the answer to that lie in a time table or will it take anotehr birthday to remind me that i had once promised myself to write regularly for the blog.