Tuesday, August 25, 2009

am i working too fast?

had the chai and samosa in the morning. held the meeting with subordinates late afternoon. entertained, smiled, gossiped, signed files, sent proposals, checkde teh websites, read all papers and cut out the clippings. committees launched, debates and some more discussions held. there are still a couple of hours that i need to spend in here. used to leaving the work place when there is no work, i am finding it difficult to stick to the dark blue executive chair which has surely been crafted for a burly officer. am i suffering from presentism?

have already gotten used to the peons and have even created ruckus when my bell went unanswered for 5 minutes. i have noticed how whjat-could-have-been-efficient youngsters have turned in to fussy sarkari naukars, their mentality and their work both taking after the lineage of the breed called office babu.

what will become of me?

kaminey- a review

koi good luk nikalein, gulak ko todein....dhan te nan, initially i could not decipher the song but when eventually i could it became the most endearing thing about the movie Kaminey. I went to watch Kaminey in a theatre- a luxury by my standards for people who can spare the time to step out of doors to watch a film on the 70 mm screen- because i had heard a lot about vishal bhardwaj and his cinema and i havent seen any of his films, the only exception being Makdee, which i liked a lot for its content, treatment and music. I had heard good things about omkara and maqbool from friends and excellent things about the blue umbrella on the tv.

Kaminey is the story of identical brothers Guddu and Charlie. Guddu stutters and Charlie lisps 'main f ko f bolta hun'. There is comedy and there is the dark side but the thing that i liked in the whole movie was the imagery and one liners like 'paifa kamane ke do raafte hain. ek fotkut aur doofra chota fotkut' 'kaali billi rasta kaat le to kuch nahi hoga par agar subah subah us manhoof ki shakal dikh jaaye to saare din ki vaat lag jayegi'

the movie is brilliant in terms of a story that touches so many issues like HIV, mumbai for mumbaikars, corrupt police officers, smugglers and all. the characters are not served on a platter but you have to pay attention their actions to know how they are and how they behave and react.

priyanka chopra is delightful, shahid kapur is awesome and powerful as Charlie and quite cute as Guddu. Amol Gupte as Bhope Bhau stands out and so does Chandan Roy Sanyal as Mikhail, Charlie's coke-addict best friend. we hear thatb Bhardwaj co-authored the screenplay to a script he bought for $4000 from a Nairobi writer that he mentored at a script writing workshop in Uganda and what a job he has done with the idea. fantastic is all you can say though i wish the script was a little more taut.

the ending is cho-chweet with another pair of twins being born and the two diamonds (that are otherwise referred to as the twins in the film) enabling Charlie to fulfill his dream of owning a bookie counter at the race course and the other one in the finger of the woman of his dreams 'Fofiya'

Monday, August 24, 2009

i am feeling blue

listening to music is the best thing that i can think of you can do with your free time. and i am going to crib how i missed tina sani's live in concert. so if you can;t give me a patient hearing you might as well log off. i have grown up listening to 'Anokha Ladla' and then she was to perfrom in Tagore Theatre last Friday. I could have gone to hear her and this time would have been given A class treatment by the manager et al. But i did not. and why? one i had no company, but thats a lame one. i know i could have and should have gone by myself. now for the truth. i did not want to be away from Chunnu after leaving her for the entire day in the creche and more than that S would have never have forgiven me for leaving her in the care of someone else.

so for once when i had everything in place i did not do what my heart so badly wanted and i am not able to justify it with what so ever excuses.

Monday, August 17, 2009

shall we work?

would you believe it, if i told you that i haver started to work again. i had thought that at least fro about four years i would not want to work. i don't really know what has brought me back. is it boredom? need of respite from the mundane routine of cooking and cleaning the house? the need to get out of doors and meet people? an attempt at value-addition?

but whatever, i am liking it as i have always. i like to work. i have deciphered that it really doesnt matter whether i sub stories or design a magazine.. well no it does matter, i dont ever want to sub again. with all due respect to the subs of the whole world, it is pathetic work. i know all work is thankless but subnbing is the most, the greatest of all the thankless jobs in the world.

so where was i? haan it doesnt really matter what i do like for example who would have thought that i would jump on to the sarkari bandwagon some day but here i am. it is not very different from what we do in other places. we work some, smile some, crib some. thats what we do here or people here have been doing. i have been hearing so many stories since the ay arrived that i am inspired (yet again!) to write a book. may be it is time that i should pick up the yes minister series.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

my empty 9 o' clock slot

the swayamvar has ended. rakhi has chosen to marry elesh (i know i am a genius. i always know, weeks in advance, as to what is going to happen in a particular tv serial. ) but what might have solved so many of rakhi's problem has created a new one for me. now i cant figure out how to splurge an hour of that time- from 9 pm to 10- that was so taken by rakhi's swaymvar. there are a zillion sad options on the tv but all of them require some partial use of brains.

nothing is on which i can just watch like a zombie and even if interrupted by my daughter's antics then get back to it without the feeling of having missed out on anything.

i am also asking myslef like any sensible person would that why am i splurging my time like this. why do i need to be entertained mindlessly when i can pick up a book, plan the next day's menu and chop vegetables, spend some quality time with s. i would have thought of an answer but it seems that the swayamvar has dulled me so much that i would rather sit in front of the idiot box than do some soul searching