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That thing about being at home

You know it when the air in the rooms has a warmth to it.
The light is just a shade mellower for you soul to feel comfortable in.
The music that drifts around is of the song that plays in your head and heart.
The comfort is not in the depth of the mattresses or the breadth of the sofa but an embrace.
The high ceiling does not bar your ambition
Instead that is where you hang your dreams to be picked and worked upon the next morn.
The ordinary is my routine yet I find a newness to it
Every time I walk back from the world in to my home

must dos

i need to bring so many changes about myself. i keep making mental notes of tings to do and keep forgetting them.

i must start my day with prayers and meditation.
i must drive else i wil forget.
i must wear those lenses.
i must sit down with myself.
i must seek help to heal and give myself a new coat of paint.
i mustlearn to control my temper and tongue and facial expressions.
i must plaster a smile on to my face for ever.
i must not raise my voice with chunnu.