Monday, December 22, 2008

shared times

are there times when there is noithing to say? the happiest times that i can think of are the times that i have spent in the company of people but not chit chatting or in serious discussions but looking out of the window, reading my book, listening to music on the headphones....not shattering silence. in the comfort of the knowledge that when my trance breaks and i smile to share the peace within i will be met with a smile conveying the same sentiment.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

worrisome worries

i worry a lot these days. about sub, chun, myself...actually everyone. i have always been sensitive but these days i hv gone two extra miles and worry like a maniac. that is to say everyday iam thinking of something to worry about the whole day. my fav topic these days is sub in hyderabad. two days back it was chun's potty but changing her multivits has done the trick. on nov 26 last week when mumbai was terrorised, i was suffering in chandigarh. i, for the first time understood, why those men are called terrorists. they had not terrorised that city but had struck terror and frightened me here, so many kilometers away. i latched all my doors, dropped curtains, locked myself in a room along with my daughter and clutched my phone.

i wonder why i did not arm myself with some weapon. i think i was out of my wits.

i have always wanted to write like ruskin bond, i mean the stuff that he writes about, the mundane, the daily activities but now i think that won't happen because those sweet things are no more.

noone goes to nani's house, people are busy taking foreign trips. there are no pickling seasons, you get them at stores. no sparrows mobile towers have feasted on them.i so miss the souns of palampur and my childhood. sparrowa chirping, crows cawing, that of a cricket, the silence that could give u shivers if your mind wandered and could be blissful if you thought of your sweetheart.

Friday, November 14, 2008

lost and found has been the case of my days.

lost a baby but found immense joy in the second one.

lost my job but found i had some skills as a homemaker.

was beginning to loose myself. haven't written in days, don't read very often and when i do it is magazines like good house keeping.

found the fear of loosing loved ones very close to my heart, lost the fear of spending time in the kitchen cooking meals.