Wednesday, June 20, 2007


so I said the last time that I will tell you guys about my work. I work as a journalist. Now that is supposed to be a very interesting and adventurous job. Journalism is also a field that gives you the freedom to be creative like the work that i do. i work on two papers. one is for kids and second for teenagers. Being a journo (that is the slang for journalist and slang is very informal usage of vocabulary) is a lot of fun because i get to write and express myself as i want to. working on the kid's magazine which unfortunately will be closed now was great because i could design it any which way. there were no set rules, nthing that was to be done week after week so there was no monotony- which is lack of variety. the mag (slang for magazine) was called YO! It stood for Young Ones. Though I did not like the name much, I had not given it this name, what I liked was the name of a mag on similar lines like YO! being made by some people working for aMumbai-based newspaper DNA. It was called ya and that was a short form for young adults.
The other paper that i edit is called Quest. Quest means to search or to seek. All of us have our own quests at different points in life. At one point we are searching for things like physical comfort, big house, big car etc and then as we grow old our quest changes and we start to look for answers to some questions like why are we here on this planet, who or what governs the movement of days, weather etc
Quest is a year old. i have written for it, drawn the concept, the pages so it has also been a good fun. its been a journey of sorts. i have also done some growing up along with it.
i like meeting people, writing, thinking how differently things can be done, use pictures, colours play with images and so i chose to become a journo. similarly when you decide what you like to do and how you like to spend your time you will also hit upon an idea to choose a vocation- a regular occupation, especially one for which a person is particularly suited or qualified.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Reading habits

I have been meaning to talk to you about this one thing for quite a while but the I had not been doing any raeding myself to be able to tell you how important is it to spend times with book. You guys will get busy with a lot of stuff as you grow up but I would wish that you always have a book by your side. Books can be your best friends. Also writing, so a diary or a notepad as well.
Books entertain you, guide you, help you learn. They teach you without testing you.
Writing helps you gather your thoughts and make sense out of them. There will be times when a lot might be happening around you and inside your head as well, so if you write all the thoughts coming to you, you will get a better picture of circumstances. Writing also helps you learn quickly and forever. Writing also helps you to regain calm and control when you might be feeling a little lost in this big world.
How you write will reflect what all have you read. Writing can be so much fun. ou can write stories, poems, your won thoughts that you would not want to share with any one else,you can tell people things without having to be next to them just by writing whats in your hearts. Like I don't yet know whether you can understand me or not but I am writing all this just for you so that you know how much I love you.
When we get busy with our lives at times we don't have time for people we love to tell them how much we care but a simple note or a letter can remind them that we care a lot for them.
Ah!! I can go on and on about this one topic as I love to do both these things but now I need to get back to work on YO!.
Next I will tell you about my work. Maybe if any of you like it you can choose it as your vocation.
Love Mamma

Hello children

I had thought that I would write to you daily and talk to about various things but i haven't been able to keep at it because of my own laziness, which means due to the lack of an effort. But I wanted you to know that even though I might not be writing stuff here, I love to talk to you. I hope you know that. Like last night I was talking to you of birthdays. Birth days are always special and we should make an attempt to make the birth0-day-person feel special and good. Last night I was thinking that as your father's birth day will be soon upon us and it would be good fun to arrange a surprise party for him with a couple of his friends and couple of mine.
After I had this thought I began to think of friends. Friends are people with whom we can share good times and bad times alike. They are the people who stick to us even though they know about our bad habits or even if some of opur ualities irritate them. They are the people who keep a check on us if we are going down hill, whcih means that friends are the people who applaud our achievments and show us our faults. So it is very important to surround yourself with good friends. People who like you for who you are and not just for your face or the clothes you wear. And that is why it is very important to be careful in choosing your friends. If you have good friends they will help you whenever you feel better and bright when you are sad. They will help you see where you went wrong and thus help you improve as human beings.
In life you will come across many many people. You will like some and you may not like some. Similarly some people might like you and some might not. But what is important is that you never do wrong or be unjust to people whether you like them or not.
People whom you like and become friends may stay on with you throughout your lives or they may drift apart. You will always have to remember that everything changes. Change is the only constant. Seasons change, days melt into nights and nights darkness gives way to dawns. Nothing remains the same. So sweeties, be always ready fro change and don't frown when that happens. Accept it with a smile and try to be calm and happy while adjusting to this change.
We will always wish you to be happy but you will go through your own trials and tribulations. There will be times, when you grow up to be teenagers or adults, when you would wish that we would keep our own counsel but we will keep talking to you so that in a quite moment our experiences and wisdom of age is able to help you and you don't make the mistakes that we made and be happier and more succesful then we are or we have been.
Love Mum

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

In my children

Some of the qualities that I would want them to imbibe
Common sense
Ability to listen with Patience
Hard work
Sense of humour
Love for the outdoors, adventure
Respect for traditions and heritage
Appreciate art
Voracious readers
Generous/ Giving

On being bored

Bored: To make weary by being dull, repetitive, or tedious
What happens when we get bored? All our senses and sensibilities tip towards falling off asleep. Our brain is clouded with thoughts of hoiw hard work we have worked, how early we had had to climb out of bed and how unusually rough the circumstances are.
It all makes me yearn to get home and fall asleep. Today I read in a magazine that it helps if you take a nap after lunch during summers. Bless the intelligent man to say such a lovely thing but I wonder if the bosses also come across facts like these.