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Hello kids

I dream up stories every night and when I pray, I only concentrate on requesting the Gods to give you a safe and sound passage into this world. I have also become highly superstitious. I no longer check out stuff for myself or even for daddy dearest but for you guys. Last night we went to fun Republic, that is a multiplex near our home. A multiplex is where you go watcha film, eat and shop. So I went into the stores that stock clothes for kids like you will be. I saw this cute little pink skirt with frills with whcih i fell in love instantaneously. I also saw a pair of shorts and an adorable pair of jumper suit in green colour with a frog sitting neatly near the shoulder. We will pack you both in something like that for your aunt's wedding.
Oh! didn't I tell you about it? Your aunt will get married in coming February. February is the second month of a new year. We all are looking forward to your arrival and then your aunt's wedding. It will be so much fun! We will all dance…

Bheja Fry

Well the kids saw their first ever flick in a theatre yesterday night. Bheja Fry- the movie, the cast, the screenplay, the background music rocked.
Lovable he is not but Bharat Bhushan grows on you. The very sight of Asif Merchant is repulsive but his James Bondian ways and sulky face on discovering his wife is sleeping with someone else earns him huge laughs and some sympathy as well.
The movie is largely shot inside a room and a couple of shots have been taken here and there- at a car dealer's showroom,a bus, a recording studio etc. The effort that the director and the writers have put in to noticing the details of how babus function, the small things that bring them joy- make the film touching. You understand every character completely by the end of the film and can predict Bhushan's next move. He is one of those people who genuinely want to help others without waiting or wanting to know how they may do so. Vinay Pathak as Bharat Bhushan is just amazing.
The movie is aptly tit…

what a joke!!

How does it feel to give a call to your patronising ex-boss and hear him praise your current work to earth's end and then tell him you are just incorporating all that you have learnt under him. Great!!! I must say. Just happened with me. It was so much fun. I could not stop giggling. What a kick man!


I saw this over some website ya on flickr and liked it. this title gives you the freedom to write anything. i dnt know what is happening inside me but its nothing very comfortable. My tummy makes unheard noises and i feel so sleepy all day long. i have never liked to cook, now i detest it all the more because i cant tolerate the smells and the fumes and also because i dnt feel like anything that i cook.
joints at my hips have become super loose and i think my legs may fly away in different directions.
at times i do get a little scared but then the reminder of how badly i wanted babies puts me back on track. shall come back for the rest later