Sunday, February 12, 2012

the birthdy week

a year again has come to pass. i like the fact that my birthday is near the start of a new year. that ways i dnt have trouble chronicling what/how the past year had been. i was thinking about this week last year and what was happening at that time. i was running scared of a woman who was calling up my phone and bad mouthing me. i had gotten two of my burly friends to call her and scare her but she proved too much for those two even and gave them an ear-full as well.

the next remarkable thing that happened in this week was our first holiday together as a family to hyderabad. we had never gone anywhere on our own before this. just the three of us, that is. it was an adventure in itself with bookings in a filthy hotel to having booked tickets on a flight a year ahead of our return dates.but all in all, it was good fun and helped take my mind off the mad woman, which had caused many a sleepless nights.

the government jaab continued with its ups and downs. an explanation here and there. meeting new people. ah! that was where the trouble, which would seep into this new year, waited. when it had finally been decided that we will be leaving for kolkata. i met MS. and i prayed to the gods that i did not want a friend when i was about to leave. i think we- me and the almighty- got confused somewhere. i forgot what i had asked for and He for once chose to comply with my wish. i would not say what happened was a lot of trouble but neither is it the stuff fairy tales are made of. As i wait for my 31st birthday to happen, i hope i am free of this habit of pushing myself into sadness, while thinking about this.

i have high hopes from this year (what does it take, anyway, to hitch your wagon to the stars?) i hope to have taken something from the past year's experiences and keep them close to me. i want to quieten down. slow down. breathe easy. read more. listen more. find my rhythm. find a balance. accumulate. experience. taste. watch closely. learn. sweat. practice.

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