Tuesday, December 22, 2009

good old greeting cards

as i sit here picking up greeting card ideas to be sent to the aam-junta with love from the administration i wonder what happened to the family routine of sending greeting cards on diwali, or on new year.

when we were young it was a ritual that was very important as it gave us a vent for trying our cursives in the newest ways. papa would get us samples to choose from. we would debate about the last theme we had selected them on. some were chosen for the wordings that they carried, some for an appealing picture and some for a cause.

there were friends to be remembered and relatives too. a boss here and an aquaintence there. they all needed to be sent the season's greetings and their new year to be heralded in that awesome manner that the card conveyed.

we even kept a huge brown plastic bag to keep our favourite cards. some were birthday greetings, some were given by sentimental friends, some we made at home to wish ma-pa anniversary, some we traded with cousins. the bag would come in handy when we needed pretty pictures to decorate notebooks or diaries and at times make a collage for our room.

now the e-mail does it for us. there is no need to add a personal touch of your own hand. just a click and you are sorted, you could have wished the entire universe. will we ever get personal again?

Monday, December 21, 2009

medicine time

saw this 8-9 month old kid at the hospital where we had been taking chunna for nebulizing her with anti-allergic stuff. the kids' hospital, probably the only one of its kind in Chd, is horribly expensive, but thats another story.

this one is about the funny faces the baby was pulling. the poor kid must have been suffering from the regular cough and cold- the bane of the season and his parents had brought her for her medicine. the poor kid lurched at the hose that brought in the medicine frm the atomiser in an attempt to take a bite off it. she seemed quite hungry. may be her food had been rationed. when her mother took the pipe away from her, she began to first make small whimpering noises and then suddenly shifted a gear or two up and started howling. she contorted her face to depict her anguish and let out a long long wail again.

chunna felt it her responsibility to teach the kid to suck in the medicated air and tell her time and again 'no cry baby no cry'.the benefit of it all was that she also took her medicine without all that fuss that she would have otherwise created.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Statement: why do you argue so much?
A: I don’t
Honest Answer: Because all you say doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t give you all that credit to just take your word.

Statement: You are always so stubborn. You just don’t listen
A: No I am not.
HA: I also wonder about it sometimes but it seems to be a manufacturing defect about which it seems I can’t do anything

Statement: You don’t pay enough attention when you are being told something
A: Because if I pay attention, then my brain will start suggesting counter points and then I will start to argue and then you will say that I don’t listen but just argue, so it is better that I don’t listen at all
HA: That is an honest answer

Statement: Things you say or do are beyond my comprehension
A: that is because half of the time you haven’t listened to what I was saying and so you don’t have ample facts to ruminate upon and then comprehend. The rest of the time you are concerned about the right way ie your way to accomplish a task
HA: Again an honest answer

infusing life

i am beginning to forget how to write. or to be precise how to blog. when i remember my sulekha blogs i woner what was it that i used to write about. where did i think of all the topics. i am reminded of a blog entry that i wrote after seeing an old old man licking an orange lolly in the delhi heat and thoroughly enjoying it.

today when i have time and when i want to write about something topics elude me.i look at the blogs around me. some are flourishing, gathering comments, becoming discussion leaders, trend setters of sorts. i dont want ot be all that but i want to infuse some life into my blog.

is this an indication of the fact that i dont think. i no longer think? no i would nt say that. i think that i think but i think very deep down inside. so much so that now even i dnt hear myself thinking. my voice is drowned in the drone of my complaints. complaints about not having this and that. not getting this and that. not having enough time. not having the life that i wanted.

Monday, December 07, 2009

hubby woes

someone had posted a status message on facebook which read 'in the novel called marriage the hero dies in the first chapter' or something like this. this bugged me no end. why are men so convinced that they are the martyrs in the holy matrimony. they do not have to do dihes, cook, wash clothes, take responsibility for putting things in order and their designated places, do the beds, clean and dust the house, have a word with the maids an other help and raise the kids. All they ever do is tell you the doer how to do the stuff. even if they do something around the house, it is not for the family but a favour to you.

they spend most of their time out of doors and yet when they walk in you are supposed to drop everything that you are doing and rush to their side an dfan them. ask them how their day was, dnt bother with yours- you must have been busy with the routine.

cuddle the baby for exactly 5 minutes after which the poor thing will get irritated with all the coochie-cooing and start cry and then hand her over to the doer to pacify and (again) drop everything that you might be doing to take the nosiy kid away from them so that they can relax after a hard day of work, pressure and tensions.

agreed that men have pressures as varied as the colours of the rainbow and from different quarters (read demanding wife plus the noisy kid, pestring parents, complaining subordinates, defiant pig for a boss and so on) but when will they wake up to the simple fact that life has things beyond the pressures. you just need to open your heart a little bit more. i think having an interest in life helps in tehis regard.

you need to direct your energies somewhere else from the point of tiredness and irritability to rest your spirits.