Thursday, July 23, 2009

its a start

i joined a yoga camp. i am still reeling under the enormity of the truth. i have joined a yoga camp and quite liked it. sri sri yoga. i who considered myself as the most doubting creature as far as this yoga and well being thing is considered. i who laughed at people who make flapping noises while breathe in and out and i who raised an eyebrow at anything 'Jai Ho', i joined a yoga camp.

for the next five days i shall be getting up at about 4.30 am......the one in the morning. walk a kilometer to Moti Ram Arya school in sec 27 and spend the next 2 hours learning to breathe.

why i joined this camp? i knw i have weighty issues but guess what this is not the reason why i am going to give up my beloved sleep. i coaxed myself in to joining this because i sensed the need for a guru. a person who can guide me to become aware of my body and my self.

i find myself in a confused state so often that it is becoming a habit. i need to resolve my doubts and burn a few calories on the way to becoming a better human being.

i also want to better my rotten body clock that doesnt go off till 8 or even 9 in the morning.

most importantly i want to get out of doors and feel the morning wind. i want to be with myself, on my own.


March Hare said...

Way to go!!! Hope i had your kind of resolve! All the best and kick ass!

sengemo said...

join me for a party :) n we shall sing Jai Ho together andu :)