Wednesday, July 29, 2009

devilish delights

there is this ad on tv for a mango drink where they show a guy obsessed with mangoes. so much so that he even is wearing a shirt with full blown mangoe print. man do i love the sound of that ad. i mean i so identify with tis mango freak.

summers begin and i begin to ask S 'aam kab aayenge?'knowing too well that nothing would come of it before the downpour.

this season was a little disappointment because the crop hasn't been well. though the dushehris did not disappoint yet my personal favourite langda was hard to be found. the ones that i could find were small in size and it would take a couple of them in one go to satiate my greed for the fruit.

why mangoes are such favourites? there are some oh-so-sweet memories associated with the fruit. one is a childhood memory of palampuriya rains and rushing from school to gran's home for a treat of chusne wale aam. there would be this huge bucket of mangoes that had been soaked for a long time, waiting to be devoured. i still can clearly see the delicate wooden jangla and myself bent over it going for one mango after the another as my granny churns out the harms of an overdose one after the another.

second is a picture of me and my sisters. all engrossed in mango mania, not bothered about the dripping juice, mum's sheets or even our school unoforms' plight.

i haven't ever been bothered by the fact that i might put on weight or upset my stomach if i ever have too many of them. can you really have too many of the yellow, juicy, pulpy, yummy, delightful mangoes??

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