Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hello kids

I dream up stories every night and when I pray, I only concentrate on requesting the Gods to give you a safe and sound passage into this world. I have also become highly superstitious. I no longer check out stuff for myself or even for daddy dearest but for you guys. Last night we went to fun Republic, that is a multiplex near our home. A multiplex is where you go watcha film, eat and shop. So I went into the stores that stock clothes for kids like you will be. I saw this cute little pink skirt with frills with whcih i fell in love instantaneously. I also saw a pair of shorts and an adorable pair of jumper suit in green colour with a frog sitting neatly near the shoulder. We will pack you both in something like that for your aunt's wedding.
Oh! didn't I tell you about it? Your aunt will get married in coming February. February is the second month of a new year. We all are looking forward to your arrival and then your aunt's wedding. It will be so much fun! We will all dance and sing.
You know what you guys are arriving in a very loving and a talented family. Your daddi ji is a fantastic dancer and an absolutely superb cook. She is a very jolly person. Your dad is the smartest, most handsome, most intelligent and the most adoring father kids can ask for. Youe dadaji is a very hard working man and he is also very adept at making friends. Your bua is a very sweet girl and works as a veterninary doctor. A veterninarian is a person who treats animals.
Do you know you are lucky to have great grandparents as well. they are my grandparents and because they love me so much they will love you and cherish you even more. Your nani ji is a darling but she worries a lot and unnecessarily but she is a very smart woman. She is an elegant and very upright. Your nanuji is a very intelligent man and he is fond of music and photography. Both naniji and nanu like to read a lot as well. All the credit for my love of books and music goes to them.
Now let me tell you about your mausi ji. she is the naughtiest kid we have in the house. She is also a very good singer and a good cook. she is going to become an engineer soon.Your mausi ji begins to croon at every given occassion and is much in demand during our family gatherings.
Both your nanu ji and dad have a good sense of humour. We have never had any pets and I don't think your dad or I even like them. I mean we like a visit to the zoo and see the species there and thats about our love for animals.
Ours is a religious and a God-fearing family. I mean that we all believe that a supreme power runs this whole universe and all that happens here happens for a reason. I would wasnt you to know this and grow up having faith in yourself and God ji.
Rest later. Got to get back to work.

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